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Medical Waste Recovery

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    Medical Waste Recovery provides medical waste disposal service in Michigan for nursing homes, hospitals, schools, COVID testing facilities, patient care facilities, medical practices, veterinary clinics and more!

    Michigan Medical Waste Disposal Services

    Medical Waste Disposal companies have come into focus due to the hazards caused by medical waste if not disposed of properly. Proper elimination of medical waste saves people from possible misfortunes and ensures a healthy life.

    MWR is a Michigan Waste Disposal Services that offer disposing of your medical waste along with several other services. You can learn more about our services below.

    What Is Medical Waste?

    Medical Waste, in simple words, is any waste material that has come in contact with any body fluids. It could be any syringe, catheter, or bandages that contain blood or any infectious body fluids. Initially, the medical waste was packed in plastic bags and taken out of the vicinity. However, Medical Waste Disposal Michigan has perfected working with healthcare facilities to remove waste efficiently.

    What Kind Of Medical Waste Do We Dispose Of?

    MWR takes complete responsibility for the waste removal. We dispose of all kinds of medical waste, including:

    • Catheters
    • Needles
    • Bandages that came in contact with body liquids
    • Dressings containing dry blood or other bodily fluids
    • Syringes without needles
    • Gloves used in surgical procedures
    • Gloves and any other fabric containing blood or any other body fluid
    • Products inside rooms of patients with contagious diseases
    • Sharp objects
    • Apart from material objects, other medical waste consists of
    • Cultures of infectious organisms
    • Discarded vaccines

    Types of Medical Waste

    Medical waste is commonly known by a number of other names like Clinical waste, Healthcare waste, Regulated medical waste, etc. The waste is divided into several categories,

    • Sharps
    • Biohazardous
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Biomedical

    What Does Each Type Of Waste Comprise?

    Disposal container Red containers with Biohazardous label Blue containers Different containers
    Waste content Needles, Guide wires, Broken Vials Waste from isolation patients Syringes, IV bags, Residual medicines Microbial cultures, Human or animal tissues

    Each type of medical waste has different products and is classified on that basis. The contents of each waste are detailed below:

    1. Sharps

    Sharps include all the sharp objects to be discarded, whether they are broken sharp objects or equipment that can pierce the skin and used in patient treatment and surgery. The following are classified as sharps for medical waste disposal:

    • Syringes with attached needles
    • Introducers and guide wars from procedures like bronchoscopy

    Broken Vials, Pins, Scalpels, Blades, etc.

    2. Biohazardous Waste

    Biohazardous waste contains elements that are contaminated with blood or other body fluids. These usually include:

    • Blood containing dressings
    • Blood bags and tubing
    • Suction canisters
    • Blood and Other infectious materials
    • Contaminated waste from patients with contagious diseases

    3. Biomedical Waste

    Biomedical waste is further categorized into other classes and disposed of accordingly. It comprises mainly infectious waste and others containing blood or others such as:

    • Animal or human tissue
    • Microbial cultures
    • Blood
    • Bandages and dressings

    4. Pharmaceutical Waste

    Another form of medical waste is pharmaceutical waste. Though it does not comprise blood or infectious cultures, it is crucial to eliminate the pharmaceutical waste carefully. Pharmaceutical waste includes residual medicines and any equipment containing so. These could be:

    • Syringes or Tubexes with residual medicine
    • IV bags and tubing
    • The patient’s leftover OTC or prescription medicine

    Which Containers Are Used For Michigan Medical Waste Disposal?

    The Medical Waste Disposal system is highly organized with different types of containers to fit your needs. The most common containers used for Medical Waste Disposal Michigan are the red containers with a “Biohazardous” sign. They are specially designed to safely contain the waste material (instead of plastic bags) and efficiently eliminate the chances of infectious transmission.

    Where Do We Offer Our Services?

    Michigan Medical Waste Disposal is not only confined to large hospitals but also medical practices, veterinary clinics, tattoo parlors, police stations, COVID testing sites, schools and others. We provide medical waste disposal services around the state of Michigan (including the Upper Peninsula) and have average savings of over 20%. Give us a call today for a free review of your existing contract!

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