6 Must-Knows for Medical Waste Disposal in Michigan

6 Must-Knows for Medical Waste Disposal in Michigan

6 Must-Knows for Medical Waste Disposal in Michigan

It is necessary for all medical facilities in Michigan to know about the authorities that regulate medical waste and the rules that govern them. The following six points will help to better handle medical waste disposal in Michigan.


Regulatory Body

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Waste and Hazardous Materials Division – DEQ is the top regulatory body that handles regulations relating to medical waste disposal in Michigan. This body has the authority to publish rules and regulations that governs how healthcare facilities in Michigan should dispose of waste. The most recent example was the notification to medical waste facilities about COVID-19.


Michigan State’s Medical Waste Regulatory Act

Medical Waste Regulatory Act or MWRA, Part 138 of the Public Health Code, 1978 PA 368, as amended, and the Administrative Rules adopted under the Act is the piece of legislation that informs how medical waste produced at hospitals and other facilities must be managed. It lays down rules and regulations to handle biomedical waste from the point of generation to disposal.

All facilities must follow the guidelines of the MWRA and enforce them for medical waste disposal in Michigan.



Occupational Safety and Health Administration – OSHA aims to provide safety and health to workers in America. To accomplish this goal, certain standards are set and this is available for medical facilities and their management of waste too.

The state of Michigan has developed OSHA approved program which needs to be followed by healthcare facilities generating medical waste. At the state level, Michigan Occupational Safety and Health – MIOSHA operates and enforces rules for different things such as sharps handling, and medical or infectious waste storage.


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Certificate of Registration

Medical facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, dental clinics and others that generate regulated medical waste need a Certification of Registration in the state of Michigan. And under the Medical Waste Regulatory Act, the medical waste registration has to be renewed every three years.

A renewal notice is generally sent to medical facilities 60 days before the expiration date of the certificate. The Facility Registration Number allocated to the medical facility can be used online to renew the certificate.


Employee Training

There are some standards, rules, and regulations that medical facilities must follow regarding employees who handle medical waste anywhere in the state of Michigan. This includes proper personal protective equipment. Besides, medical organizations are required to keep a proper record of employee training which should educate them about updated medical waste management practices. Documentation of employee training sessions for the last three years must be kept. This will help in the event of an inspection from authorities.


Waste Disposal Process Documentation

The medical healthcare facilities in Michigan are required to document all the processes involved in medical waste management that includes removal, treatment, and disposal. This documentation should also be kept for the last three years.

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